Rahchi played a show last Saturday-at the end of the set I just felt wonky...ate with droogs in da band and friends Vince from Barstow Vince's Lady friend then there was Davey, Nathan, Jyztn, Me, Codie, Asia n Jodi Cafe Brazil's good eats. Anyhow made my way home, crashed woke with fever! concrete snot block..stayed in bed till late Monday night..Vegged on a Netflix Streamin' killer Movie "Troubled Water" got some work done Tuesday n Wednesday...BUT BU-HUT, Vin gets to school goes to nurses office for a cat scratch, because of TEXAS LAW~ Nurse calls animal control, They agree its a scratch on Vinnie and tel me we gotta quarantine our 5 month old kitten for ten days!!! ridiculous. angry, mad, fight the system, rebel sulk, ugh yeah what a waste of time n money...any way so talk to Animal control worked something but the kitten is on quarantine. Sent some art n links out to A producer in Hollywood, noticed I used to have a web domain for my junk and some art was still attached to that old link..Anyhow, some one got hold of my old domain, mentioned me and one of my son's by name.Makes a lot of pervy references. lame...so a site/domain that I used to get a bit of scratch for old art~some one nabbed and posted real ugly stuff. eh well It is weird that whoever did it like paid for 3 years? Paid the extra to keep it private who owns it n all that. Oh well.
'Still shillin' Coffee, doin' art for a auction thing, dadding, yoga n stuff...
have a good weekend y'all

oh yeah fixin this too


its all around me

the ocean and sky
so deep and wide
and you and I
specs on a mountains

From the time we are born
all this space in which to run
In this gift
free to roam

i long to flow into this life
to be poured
and to go be into flow
day til night

to bloat the veil between death and life
love in my heart and satisfied
with the ease and the strifes
brighten the stars in others eyes

im overwhelmed with this right now.